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Town Entry Boards

 Town Entry Boards

Town Entry Board

There is an entry board at each end of Princes Risborough on the A4010, and also one on the Longwick Road as you come off the roundabout in Longwick. These boards can be used to advertise forthcoming local events of community wide interest which are not commercial, denominational or party political.

Any organisation wishing to use this facility would be responsible for arranging for our approved printers to provide the display notices, these are then delivered to the person responsible for placing them on the entry boards.

The total cost is £127.50 + VAT, however, for organisations with charitable status RAP will fund 50% of the cost, making the cost to the organisation of only £63.75+VAT. An organisation that does not have charitable status will be charged the full amount.   

To book a time-slot and find out more details of the procedure please contact enquiries@risborough.org